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Funding News

NAC Delayed Project Funding Outcomes August 2019

The National Arts Council of South Africa’s staff, apologise profusely for the repeated delays in the release of the Project Funding Outcomes – as advised previously for the 30th August 2019.
The NAC understands that the delay in the release of these outcomes bears an immense consequence on the livelihood of artists, as well as the implementation of the artistic projects artists strive to implement as subsistence for their livelihood. The NAC understands that these projects, as well as the funding opportunity afforded by the NAC to these projects plays an important role influencing, shaping and reshaping as well as establishing South Africa’s cultural and artistic identities.
However, taking into account the high-level of corruption facing the country and the dire need to verify all information received in the application process; The NAC found it prudent to effectively do due diligence where project information submitted to the NAC needed to be verified in order to ensure accuracy in terms of the allocations made on each successful applicant as well as alignment to the NAC’s strategic programmes and objectives.
The NAC commits to releasing these outcomes no later than the second week of September 2019.
Once again, the NAC apologises for any inconvenience caused by this delay and is committed to serving the arts fraternity with diligence, excellence and impact.