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The National Arts Council
of South Africa

The NAC was established in April, 1997 through an act of parliament (Act no.56 of 1997). The vision of the NAC is to promote, through the arts, the free expression of South Africa’s cultures.

Supported Programmes

Social cohesion and nation building

It is important that funding allocation is underpinned by equity, inclusivity, diversity and participation of various groups of people (women, youth, vulnerable people and in particular people living with disabilities)

Innovation, design and creation

Content creation lies at the heart of the creative industries. It aims to promote excellence and innovation in new works. New innovative designs and works have intrinsic and economic value which brings in the element of dynamism and vibrancy to the arts. Research and development are the essential elements in the creation of new works.

Arts platforms/showcases/ exhibitions/festivals

Arts content creation and distribution are important for audience development, audience engagement and for the consumption of the arts.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic initiatives focus on working with partners to leverage available funding, build sustained capacity and achieve real impact for the arts community. These initiatives raise the profile of the sector. They have the potential to develop and promote the arts significantly locally, in the continent and globally.

Capacity building

Through support for the provision of training and education, this programme will offer grants and scholarships to help grow the talent of art practitioners, arts managers and other industry related professionals

Call for project applications - closing 19 April 2019

The vision of NAC is to promote, through the arts, the FREE expression of South Africa's cultures.

Our mission is to develop and promote excellence in the arts.

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Understanding the value of the arts

The common misconception around art is that its value is reserved entirely for the wealthy and elite. This because, over the years, there has been a stronger emphasis on the intrinsic value of art that is consumed by few in private spaces, making it exclusive and out of reach for ordinary individuals to enjoy and even relate to. But art, when made accessible and located in the broader context of public culture, also has an instrumental value in that it has the potential to stimulate broad growth.

National Arts Council Alumni

Over the past 20 years the National Arts Council has supported various artists and arts organisations and as we celebrate two decades of enabling the arts members of our alumni share their experiences and well wishes for the future.

Friends of the NAC