Who we are

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Who we are


The NAC’s vision is – a vibrant, sustainable arts community that enriches lives through the free and creative expression of South Africa’s cultures / through strengthening artistic and cultural creation.

Through this we will be a catalyst for social inclusion and contribute to the evolutionary development of a unique, diverse and inclusive South African Identity.


The NAC’s Mission is to leverage energy, partnerships and resources to develop, support, promote and advance the arts

By develop we mean

  • Identifying and nurturing artistic talent through funding the academic and professional development of arts practitioners, managers and support practitioners
  • Fostering mentorship and coachings as ways of improving the quality of artistic expression
  • Creating opportunities for the transfer of knowledge and experience through regional and International exchanges
  • Building capacity and expertise In the arts through artistic, entrepreneurial, management, and technical development as well as copyright protection
  • Growing South Africa’s wealth as measured by its great works of artistic expression

By support we mean

  • Contributing to the development and effective utilisation of sustainable Infrastructure that enables artistic expression
  • Funding worthwhile artistic endeavors that would otherwise not have been possible
  • Provide opportunities for people to access the financial means to explore and experience the arts
  • Provide opportunities for people to access the space to explore and experience the arts
  • Collaborating with other Important stakeholders to create a vibrant artistic ecosystem
  • Supporting the DAC in the implementation of the Revised White Paper on Arts, Culture and Heritage as well as other related strategies, especially those focused on enhancing social Inclusion

By promote we mean

  • Facilitating access to markets and economic su5talnablllty for artists
  • Showcasing the talent of artists at high profile events
  • Communicating the message that imagination, creativity and design are vital Ingredients that contribute to economic, social, emotional and spiritual growth
  • Developing future audiences for the arts
  • Advocating for art and artists as Important contributors to South African society

By advance we mean

  • Informing policy making through research, the generation of Information, intelligence and Insights
  • Providing economic and artistic opportunities for disadvantaged and rural communities, women and the youth to grow, develop their potential and find gainful employment
  • Upholding and promoting the rights of all to freedom in their practice of the arts