The Artisan - Volume 8

Alumni comments


Alumni comments

Over the past 20 years the National Arts Council has supported various artists and arts organisations and as we celebrate two decades of enabling the arts members of our alumni share their experiences and well wishes for the future.


Gauteng Opera

Established in 1999 as Black Tie Ensemble, Gauteng Opera is an all-round performing arts and entertainment company, specialising in opera productions, concerts and events that are driven by excellence in vocal performance and theatre.


Industry comments

It’s been two decades since the inception of the National Arts Council, the public entity mandated to facilitate the development of arts, culture and heritage in South Africa. The National Heritage Council and Market Theatre Foundation share their well wishes for the NAC.


Keiskamma Trust

What began in 2000 as the Keiskamma Art Project to raise the self-esteem of and provide income for women in the villages of Hamburg, Ntilini and Bodiam in Eastern Cape quickly mushroomed into a largescale multidisciplinary organisation that has expanded from just art to other programmes that cater to the needs of the local communities through providing an income from their artistic pursuit, as well as a platform to showcase their endeavours.