The Artisan - Volume 6

Taking it One Step at a time


Taking it One Step at a time

Imagine a young man’s journey from his roots in a rural village to the sprawling township of Mamelodi near Pretoria. He is in search of wealth, love and connection, and for the first time in his life, he makes contact with people of other races, cultures, traditions and languages.


Industry head quotes

Heritage month is about celebrating who we are as a people and one way of doing so is through the arts. Having just come out of heritage month we look back by speaking to four arts industry heads on the importance of the arts in celebrating our heritage.


CEO’s foreword

Often when engaging in matters relating to the creative fields, we mention the phrase “arts, culture and heritage (ACH)” without paying much attention to the “heritage” part of the phrase. In a sense, the “H” in the abbreviation has become redundant and somewhat of an ornament in our everyday parlance, superficially incorporated into our jargon and lists of catchphrases.