The Artisan - Volume 2

Empowering artists through education and training

Umcebo’s Bulwer Park Community Public Sculpture Project takes flight

The sculpture was assembled by Robin Opperman and Ujala Sewpersad from Umcebo Design along with sculptor George Halloway and a group of local crafters. The seven metre wide by five metre high artwork is constructed around a galvanised steel frame using upcycled materials such as electric plugs, cables, scissors and plastic combs. The materials used in the sculpture are mostly non-compliant consumer items that may otherwise have entered the local market.


The Knysna Literary Festival stimulates and educates

here possible, support services are sourced from within Knysna and festival venues are selected with the purpose of showcasing the town’s hospitality infrastructure and celebrated natural settings. The festival donates approximately 30% of its revenue from ticket sales to local charities that focus on childhood development and education, a percentage they look to grow in future.


A Word from the CEO

In terms of advancing arts promotion, I believe that we need to use cultural engagement as a rallying point to unlock resources and leverage partnerships as we find ways to augment government funding.