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Youth in Action Arts Centre is Developing and Entertaining Children Through Theatre Programme

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Youth in Action Arts Centre is Developing and Entertaining Children Through Theatre Programme

One of South Africa’s greatest revolutionary leaders Nelson Mandela once said, “History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children”. In developing the artistic skills of our youth, we maintain longevity in the value and appreciation of the arts. The Youth in Action Arts Centre is an organisation committed to achieving this with its programme.

The Children’s Theatre Programme is an initiative that develops the skills of children in dance, music and drama through workshops, rehearsals and theatre performances. The project aims to provide a platform to empower children who express interest in pursuing a career in the arts, develop the talents of these children and create job opportunities for the youth in the arts sector.

Following a series of training workshops and rehearsals, the Children’s Theatre Festival was held in September 2023 in the town of Volkrust, Mpumalanga. The organisation writes, “The project has made a great impact on the lives of children. The workshops were therapy for children who are facing the loss of family members, domestic violence, hunger, loneliness and teenage pregnancy. The programmes enabled children to discover their strengths in arts. The children took this project as a platform where they could play and their nurture talent. The workshops were educative and entertaining to children”.

The National Arts Council’s assessment criteria for the PESP project funding call is based on the ability to transform the sector through increased opportunities, to increase access to markets and to create job opportunities with a focus on youth, women and vulnerable groups.

The Youth in Action Arts Centre has contributed to transforming the arts sector by providing a valuable platform that develops and showcases the talents of our future youth. Throughout the implementation of the Children’s Theatre Programme, a total of 37 job opportunities were created for the women and youth of the town’s local community.

The success of the Children’s Theatre Programme is a beacon of hope that the future of South Africa’s arts sector is in great hands. The National Arts Council takes pride in being a valuable tool in the appreciation and promotion of the arts.


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