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Xolane Marman

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Xolane Marman

Marman has dedicated his educational career towards developing and enhancing his opera skills and knowledge. Marman has in light of this participated in a number of studies and international stage competitions, and was awarded the Diploma for Senior Vocal in Opera at the Knysna/ Plett Eisteddfod competition and awarded a Gold Certificate in 2009. In 2007, he had his first recording experience funded by the UK Lottery at the Peace of Eden Recording Studio and toured England, performing in theatres and concert halls around Doncaster, London and Brighton.

In March of 2016, The Marman was selected, as part of Top 30 singers around the world, to partake in the Debora Voigt Inaugural International Vocal Competition, Florida, USA. In 2011 he started his opera studies (training as lyric tenor under voice trainer Mr. Patrick Tikolo) at the University of Cape Town (College of Music), where he obtained his Performers Diploma in Opera and his postgraduate Diploma in Music Performance.

Marman has since received recognition from his local arts community and was afforded the opportunity to study at the Mannheim Opera House in 2017. Marman was granted emergency funding to facilitate for his participation in a Stage Directing Traineeship at the Opernhaus Zürich in December 2018 to January 2019. Marman was funded taking into account that the opportunity presented to him, to take part in the Stage Trainee programme, aligned with the NAC’s objectives of achieving increased access to markets and enabling creative engagement for South African arts and artists. Added to this, the opportunity to fund this project also aligned to the NAC’s goals of achieving global recognition for our unique South African arts and culture and developing a sustainable capacity that enables the arts to entertain, enrich and inspire.

This project was supported by the Capacity Building Panel, which stated that “the invitation was a great opportunity to advance Marman’s opera professional career”. Furthermore, the panel added that “this opportunity would allow Marman a unique opportunity to further develop his operatic skills at a prestigious international opera house such as in Zurich, “especially in view of the limited opportunities that are available in South Africa”. Marman was funded R20 000.00 towards his visa and subsistence costs.


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