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The NAC has supported the Origins with grant assistance of R300 000 to create puppetry work which was workshopped and staged. The project was an artistic collaboration between artists specialising in different but related performance media. With this project the beneficiary planned on building creative capacity and social cohesion. The project aimed to develop the language between the artistic disciplines using puppetry as a media of expression. The project resulted in a professional theatrical production and two in-depth workshops aimed at skills transfer and broadening the language of the interdisciplinary collaboration.

Furthermore, the project planned on building capacity amongst emerging and established creatives. It assisted emerging artists to develop performance skills, aesthetic thinking and collaboration skills.

The National Arts Council of South Africa supported the project (for an amount of R300,000.00) towards the creation of the work and a workshop component. The project brought new artists (the artists were graduates from University of Cape Town and Durban University of Technology) into the professional performance space. The collaboration of artists created a work called the Origins which is an artistic collaboration between three artists specialising in three different activities but related disciplines namely puppetry, music and dance.

The first step was to develop a new work, discover dramaturgy and story of the work. That process needed to be achieved through collective ideas and building collaborative relationships via a workshop process with performers, testing experimenting and expanding on both the relationship between puppet characters and between puppets, movements and music. The full body of the work was achieved in working with dancers, puppeteers and musicians like Derek

After the workshop process was completed, the beneficiary and Janni Younge developed a dramaturge. Origins was then brought to life with full music and dance pieces, which were specifically designed for the show. After all the development and constructions, Origins was showed at Magnet Theatre on the 02 March 2019. The beneficiary stated that income generated from ticket sales had enabled him into create more jobs and to assist three more emerging artists learn the basics of puppetry performances. The project was implemented and fully within the periods which were proposed by the beneficiary.


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