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New beginnings for Dyer with Genesis of a Different World

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New beginnings for Dyer with Genesis of a Different World
New Beginnings for Dyer

New Beginnings for DyerGenesis of a Different World is a music project coordinated by veteran musician Steve Dyer that was funded under the NAC’s innovation, design and creation programme.
The NAC granted Dyer an amount of R200 000 to create eight different musical compositions; he also scored parts for horn and piano.

Dyer describes his project as “the realisation of music that has a unique texture, doesn’t sound like anything else and is bold – reflecting the future vision we all need to have”.

He lists one of the project’s successes as “the willingness of the musicians to give their all to the music and build something beautiful together. I believe they have all learnt and benefited from the experience in the Genesis project so far.”

The project created seven employment opportunities for musicians (including two women instrumentalists), plus opportunities for one engineer and one trainee engineer.
It had an education impact, too: the musicians engaged with Pretoria High School for Girls learners and conducted a cultural workshop around the theme of “genesis”, giving the concept a multidisciplinary nature that extended beyond the studio and the stage.


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