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Jeanne-Louise Moolman

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Jeanne-Louise Moolman

Violist, Jean-Louis Moolman is a violist and had been invited to deliver a lecture-recital as part of the Viola Congress conference taking place in Rotterdam. For this reason, the applicant requested NAC funding towards the cost of her travel to the Netherlands.

Moolman was funded R29 850.00 towards the costs of her travel, accommodation and per diem for the duration of the conference. This project was a “great opportunity for the creative arts of South Africa to be exposed internationally at that level”.

In her current position as lecturer at the University of the Free State, Moolman is in a position not only to teach but to assist in creating new opportunities for music students at the University and the music community she serves. For this reason, her experience and exposure to the international music industry will go some way in creating new opportunities for the University as well as for her students.

Furthermore, this opportunity provided international exposure and recognition of South African viola repertoire, it contributed towards giving the South African classical music genre as well as the artists who have been a part of the production, international acclaim and recognition for their contribution.

By granting funding towards this project, the NAC contributed towards providing a platform for the beneficiary to access and gain exposure to international expert knowledge and educational opportunities.

This too, was an opportunity for the composers of the repertoire, Tsepho Tsotetsi and Mokale Koapeng. This project allowed for the exposure of South African viola musician and composers as well as the rich African culture expressed through the repertoir. The project was in line with the NAC’s goals of achieving global recognition for our unique South African arts and culture and achieving increased access to markets and enable creative engagement for South African arts and artists. Due to the nature of this conference, the application falls within the scope of the Capacity Building Programme, but is also well aligned to Arts Platforms/ showcase/ exhibitions/ festivals programme as it offers a practical component of skills development, educational and exposure to a platform for showcasing.

It is worth noting that the benefits of educational programmes like these may in some instances have a direct impact not only on the immediate music community of the Free State (which is one of the provinces considered as a priority province which is under-represented with regards to allocation of funds from the NAC). With that, the exposure and experience gained by Moolman should be used as an instrument to further contribute to and develop the skills of viola students and musicians in the country.
Notably, these projects have also had elements that could be holistically aligned to the NAC’s programmes. These projects were premised on access to international platforms, improving and further contributing to the development of the creatives respectively. The invitations presented to them to participate in these projects, paired with the financial support from the NAC’s emergency funding goes some way in: transforming their dreams and opportunities into reality and in investing in truly and proudly South African arts.

Funding such projects allows the NAC to make a significant contribution in the lives of individual creatives, enables local, social and creative impact brought about by the work done. These creatives, who in their own creative production advocate for the benefit and value of the arts, create employment for other local creatives and act as ambassadors for the South African Arts on international platforms.


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