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Batswana Ba Tepa Project Strives to Promote and Preserve the Culture of the Tswana People

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Batswana Ba Tepa Project Strives to Promote and Preserve the Culture of the Tswana People

Batswana Batepa project which is loosely translated as ‘’the Tswana people can tap-dance’’ is one of the first full Setswana Theatre dance productions with a large cast of indigenous instruments and costumes. It fuses tap dance and indigenous dance whilst keeping the essence of the dance movements. This theatre production was a unique performance of tap dancing mixed with indigenous drumming and the clap rhythms of the Batswana songs and dance moves.

The Batswana Batepa project was funded by the National Arts Council (NAC) under the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme in 2023. This follows the project proposal meeting the NAC focus areas such as supporting marginalised and indigenous arts through promoting and preserving the Batswana culture which is one of the marginalised groups. The project also aligned with the capacity-building focus area by providing lessons for the performers before the production and the beneficiaries can use their newly learned skills as career opportunities in theatre.

This project also addresses social ills by curbing unemployment for the youth as it has created Twenty (20) jobs with most of the beneficiaries being the youth. The Batswana Batepa project also gave an opportunity for the audience to enjoy the indigenous dance and music of the Tswana people which is part of social cohesion.

During our interview with the project leader Ms Regina Mosetsanagape Loate, she echoed the following sentiments ‘’It is important for us as South Africans to embrace and preserve our culture for the younger generation. I am grateful to the NAC and the Presidency for supporting me to fulfil my dream of promoting the Batswana culture. I am also delighted that I have also created jobs for my community whilst fulfilling my dreams which was a cherry on the top.

Should you wish to support Regina Mosetsanagape Loate’s project to be sustainable she can be reached at 0630652817 or by email at


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