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PESP Announcement

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PESP Announcement

Dear PESP Applicants,

With the PESP being new ground for us all, we have noted the struggle by many applicants to be compliant, ie, to submit ID documents certified in the last three months, certification of registration documents and challenges with understanding how to submit budgets for project costs and human resource costs, including project dates. As such, we would like to inform the public that adjudication outcomes to be released on 1 December will only be for fully compliant applicants, who have also clearly indicated how funds will be utilized, including projects with start dates in January, and end dates that are before the end of March 2021, allowing enough time for reporting post the main event, and/or project activity. We will begin a process of assisting applicants who have submitted viable proposals to become compliant in terms of documents that can be corrected quickly, budgeting, and project start and end dates. Outcomes for applications with such challenges will therefore only be released later in December once we have concluded this process.