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Message from the Council – PESP Industry Briefing

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Message from the Council – PESP Industry Briefing

Greetings to the Cultural and Creative industries organisations, practitioners and especially PESP applicants. The NAC takes this opportunity to once more present its weekly Briefing to the industry to provide updates on the progress made in respect to the disbursement of the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP) funds and how funds are distributed. This follows the previous briefing session, which was held on the 23rd of April 2021.

The NAC received an allocation of R300 million, of which R285 million was to be distributed for PESP funding. As of today, the following milestones have been achieved:


  1. The NAC announced that a total of 1 331 applicants, that were approved for the PESP grant.
  2. To date, a total of R200 235 588 has been paid to 1 246 beneficiaries, which is a combination of 70% of the grant value (the first tranche) or the full grant amounts paid to the beneficiaries.
  3. Funds disbursed to date means that NAC has now disbursed first tranche payments to 94% of the beneficiaries in accordance with the PESP agreement between the Department of Sports, Arts & Culture and the NAC.
  4. First tranche payments now due comprises: 51 applicants, made up of 22 contracts still to be sent to beneficiaries on receipt of the revised required information and 29 contracts sent but not yet received back from beneficiaries.
  5. The balance of the second tranche/final payments will be paid in various intervals following receipt of required reporting. By the close of business, today 12 returned contracts will be processed for payment, which is a further R2 238 873. This will bring the total number of paid beneficiaries to 1 258, approximating to R202 474 461
  6. The anticipated number of work opportunities created by contracts returned now stands at over 25 000.


On Friday, 23rd of April 2021, all beneficiaries who received GNLs, were required to return their documentation. We can confirm that as of today, there are only 16 beneficiaries who have not submitted their documents and who, unfortunately, stand to forfeit their grants.

Beneficiaries with outstanding documentation or contracts not yet returned were notified of this last week, and by a further official letter sent on Monday, 26th of April advising of same.  This letter was followed by another email and subsequent telephone call, reminding these beneficiaries that the deadline is today, 30th of April 2021.

Many beneficiaries who have received their first tranche payments have submitted their interim reports. Reporting is now open on the GMS portal for all beneficiaries who have received payment. Beneficiaries are required to submit their report around the timelines stated in their contractual agreements.

The submission of the interim report, which needs to indicate the project activities and provide proof of expenditure, must be followed by the submission of the final report, which will indicate the remaining activities and expenditure to complete the project.   This will be followed by the second (final) tranche payment.  All projects need to be completed by the 31st of May 2021.

Beneficiaries whose outcomes are outstanding forms part of the declined applications.  The GMS is being updated to indicate that such applications have been declined.  This will be followed up by declined letters to each applicant.

This Council remains fully committed to successfully completing the PESP process to ensure that the PESP funds reach all beneficiaries so they can retain and create the much-needed work opportunities in our industry.



For Media Enquiries: Council Spokesperson, Clr. Tshepo Mashiane – 072 037 3358