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Invitation to the NAC’s Women’s Month Webinar

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Invitation to the NAC’s Women’s Month Webinar

You are invited to the NAC Women’s Month Webinar. The details of the event are outlined below:

Details of the event:

Proposed Title Women in art and culture moving and shaping communities through creative cultural creations and experiences.
Theme Celebrating women who use art and culture to uplift their communities.
Platform Via Zoom platform and live stream on NAC Facebook Page
Date Wednesday, 17 August 2022 at 12 pm until 13:30 pm

Panellists resume at 11:30

RSVP by Tuesday, 16 August 2022

You many join the webinar using the link below:

Please click here to join the webinar

Passcode: 046002

List of Event Panellists and Facilitator

Name Province Discipline
Nomsa Manaka


Sibongile Buda GP MUSIC
Fortunate Mokgehle Limpopo Literature
Gugu Masilela MP Multidiscipline
Refiloe Khumo NW CRAFT

Panelist Introduction videos

Name of the Panellists Picture Introduction videos
Nomsa Manaka


Introduction video
Sibongile Buda


Introduction video
Fortunate Mokgehle


Introduction video
Gugu Masilela


Introduction video
Refiloe Khumo


Introduction video


A brief overview of what to be discussed

The discussion will aim to celebrate and showcase women who use art and culture to uplift their communities and whose work link with some of the objectives of the National Arts Council which are to promote the appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of the arts as well as to promote the general application of the arts in the community by using art and culture to shape their communities.

The discussion will further put a spotlight on the challenges faced by communities the panellists live or practice their art projects, and how they have used art and culture projects to help their communities move forward to a better place. The focus will be on marginalized communities which links to the NAC strategic plan of increasing access to all communities but with an emphasised focus on marginalized communities.

Webinar agenda

  • 10 min: Overview of the NAC objectives and mandate
  • 5 min: Introduction of panellist – each panellist to introduce themselves and showcase their work
  • 45 min: Conversational engagement between panellists and facilitator about how women in art and culture move communities forward with prompting to showcase existing projects undertaken by the panellists. With comments from the audience taken during the conversation.
  • 15 min: Q & A session from the audience and from the social media platform