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Grant Notification Letters (GNLs) on the Grant Management System

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Grant Notification Letters (GNLs) on the Grant Management System

PESP Announcement

As of Friday, 5 March 2021, all approved PESP beneficiaries have been sent Grant Notification Letters (GNLs). The GNL notifies beneficiaries of their grant approvals and outlines any further action the beneficiary needs to take, such as uploading revised budgets and other compliance documents (i.e. certified ID, tax clearance certificate, bank letter/statement and/or a certified company registration certificate).

Beneficiaries who previously received a GNL and recently received a revised GNL should note the following:

  • Upon revising and uploading all the required documents, the “save” option should be clicked.
  • The “save” option is equivalent to the “submit” button and will successfully upload the document, allowing the NAC to retrieve the revisions.
  • Additionally, these beneficiaries need to sign and upload their revised GNLs in the last section marked “Revised GNL”. This step is important, as all beneficiaries need to accept the new terms related to the revised guiding figure.


Beneficiaries who were recently approved and who are receiving GNLs for the first time should note the following:

  • The last section in the GMS portal marked “Revised GNL” should be ignored.
  • Beneficiaries still need to submit compliance documents, update their budgets and activities to align to the granted amount to be aligned to the granted amount as per the GNL.


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