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Data Governance Notice for the NAC Project Funding Applicants

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Data Governance Notice for the NAC Project Funding Applicants

Dear Applicant




BE PLEASED TO TAKE NOTICE THAT the National Arts Council is required by law to retain a multitude of records depending on the relevant legislation and the industry. As such, this notice serves to inform all applicants that the National Arts Council is authorized to publish successful beneficiaries on the NAC website as means of communication pertaining to the outcome of applications.

In line with the NAC’s POPI Policy, we ensure the constitutional right to privacy while balancing this right against – other rights such as the right of access to information protection of important interests including the free flow of information. We aim to promote the protection of personal information processed by the NAC.

The NAC recognises that it may not process Personal Information which is not necessary for the purpose for which the Personal Information is processed. The NAC ensures that when we process Personal Information, it is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it is processed.

The NAC has a duty to show that it has dealt with a Data Subject in a transparent manner.  In order to demonstrate transparency, the NAC informs all Data Subjects at the time when the NAC collects and processes a Data Subject’s Personal Information or within a reasonable period thereafter.

All processing of Personal Information activities and communications are reduced to writing and retained in a record.

By such notice, the Data Subject has been made aware that their Personal Information will be shared on the NAC website for the purpose of which was shared under the Grant Management System upon receipt of application.