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Announcement: COVID-19 Provincial Partnerships

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Announcement: COVID-19 Provincial Partnerships

The NAC would like to clarify matters pertaining to the recent announcement made on the appointment of provincial partners to disburse COVID-19 relief funds aimed at supporting arts organisations and individual artists affected by the pandemic.

As per the initial call earlier this year, it was the NAC’s intention to partner with up to four (4) organisations in each province, selecting organisations that were deemed to have the requisite skill and capacity to roll out the funding and reach the affected beneficiaries.   It should be noted that it was not mandatory for the NAC to appoint four organisations in each province, but to select up to four partners who met the criteria and had a proven track record of accomplishment in implementing art programmes that can fulfil the disbursing of the relief funds.

The variance in the number of organisations appointed in the different provinces in no way impacts on the allocation of funding per province, which will remain consistent and equitably distributed across all nine provinces.  It was imperative that only organisations that met the final requirements be appointed, and it was in the absence of organisations with the requisite skills that fewer partners were appointed in some provinces.

The approved organisations are required to roll out funding within the entire province where they are based and in instances where fewer partners have been appointed, the partners will ensure that their reach is extended to rural and marginalised areas.   The NAC has diligently considered all organisations and the inherent risks of executing a project of this nature and funding has been allocated equitably.

The NAC would like to emphasise that the process of selecting provincial partners has been ongoing and at no time was this process started afresh.   Consultations have been held regularly and the only change is that Provincial Representatives will no longer form part of the process and implementation.

The NAC looks forward to the implementation of the Provincial Partnership COVID-19 Relief Fund and to being able to offer relief to artists and organisations in the sector that have been affected. We look forward to forming meaningful partnerships with the provincial organisations and making a positive impact on the livelihood of artists and the sector at large.





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