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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can my application be submitted without all the compliance documents?

    No, you can save your application until you have all your compliant documents, but can only submit once those are uploaded.

  • Are hard copy applications accepted?

    No, all applicants have to be submitted through our Grant Management System.

  • Can an application be considered after the deadline?

    No, all applications have to be submitted within the allocated period.

  • Can you add costs other than direct employment cost?

    Yes in Stream 2 geared towards projects, however the average opportunity cost should be kept as a guide and the costs other than direct employment costs should not exceed 50% of the budget.

  • Can there be a variance in the opportunity cost?

    Yes the opportunity costs have been calculated as an average. It could be a once-off cost or spread over a few months.

  • Can funds be disbursed after 31 March 2021?


  • Do funds have to be spent by 31 March 2020?


  • Can existing NAC beneficiaries apply for existing projects?


  • Can DSAC agencies aa institutions apply?

    Yes, public institutions and agencies of DSAC can apply for projects to Stream 2.

  • Can an applicant apply more than once?

    An applicant can apply only once to Stream 1 and twice to Stream 2. Applicants have to provide evidence of being able to manage more than one project.

  • Can an applicant apply to both Streams 1 and 2?