PESP Reporting Requirements and Guidelines

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PESP Reporting Requirements and Guidelines

Updated Guidelines for PESP Reporting

The Reporting portal for PESP beneficiaries is now open on the Grant Management System (GMS).   All beneficiaries who have received payment will receive an email, notifying them that the Report function has been created, with information on how to complete the report.  Find out how to fill in your report by clicking here.

Stream 1

  1. Finance
    • Tax Information
    • The Beneficiary must be tax compliant for the final payment to be made.
  2. Annexure B to be completed.
  3. Uploads
    • Proof of payments to all employees listed (this may be in the form of a bank statement, an EFT Proof of Payment, or copies of signed receipts of payment, e-wallets, etc.)
    • Tax compliance verification document – beneficiary must be tax compliant
  4. All reports are to be submitted before 24 May 2021.

Stream 2

Interim report

  1. Activity details to indicate what has already taken place
  2. Annexure B to be completed
  3. Financial Report
    • Proof of expenditure/payments – this is to be checked against the original budget submitted.
    • Some beneficiaries will not have spent the full 70% when submitting the interim report. In this instance, the beneficiary must provide proof of payment for expenses incurred and reflect how the remaining money will be used. This can be done in the variance section, if necessary.
  4. The number of jobs indicated on the contract can be reduced by up to 50%. If the altered figure is less than 50%, this needs to be justified.
  5. Uploads:
    • Proof of payments
    • Tax compliance verification document
    • Images of activities
  6. On submission and verification of the interim report, a final report notification will be sent for completion.


Final Report

  1. Activity details of the next steps that will take place for the project to be concluded
  2. Financial Report to indicate how remaining funds will be spent to conclude the project
    • Funds received from the NAC must be used within the specified period, i.e., by 31 May 2021
  3. The beneficiary must be tax compliant for the final payment to be made.
  4. Evidence of work done/images/promotional material.
  5. All final reports are to be submitted before 24 May 2021.
  6. Payment will be made on receipt of the final report.

For further information, please contact or your assigned Project Manager/RME

Download the above information here -> PESP Reporting Requirements – (5 May 21)


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