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PESP Declined Applications Appeals Process

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PESP Declined Applications Appeals Process

In accordance with the PESP Funding Guidelines communicated to the industry, as section 5.7 of the PESP guidelines states:

5.7 Appeals

In terms of section 12(1) of the NAC Act, any person who feels aggrieved by any action or decision that the Council has taken or made in terms of the Act may appeal to the Minister of Arts and Culture. The appellant shall, within 30 days from the date on which the action or decision in question was made known by the Council, give notice in writing to the Council of his/her intention to appeal and deliver the notice by registered or hand‐delivered post or email. The notice shall contain:

  • The name and address of the appellant
  • The grievance
  • The reasons for the grievance

Who is eligible to lodge an appeal

  1. Applicants whose PESP funding application was declined
  2. PESP beneficiaries who feel aggrieved by the actions or decisions taken by Council

Appeals Process

  1. Applicant must write a formal letter of appeal (on the organisation’s letterhead or signed by the individual), address this letter to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) clearly stating the grounds/reasons for which they are appealing the funding outcome received or the dispute they wish to present to the Minister
  2. A formal letter of appeal must be sent to
  3. The outcome/final recommendation of the Appeals Panel will be communicated by the Office of the Minister to each appellant.

Other platforms where appeals can be received by the NAC

  1. PESP email –
  2. To Palesa Mopeli via email on

Appeals received on the above platforms will be forwarded to

The deadline for appeals to be submitted has been extended. Appeals should be submitted within 30 days of receipt of the decline letter.


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