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Filling in your PESP Report

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Filling in your PESP Report

Filling in your PESP Report

You will receive an email from the NAC informing you that your Interim report is now open for completion.

Log into the NAC Grant Management Portal with your username and password.

You will see your project and the reporting icon on the right of the screen. Click on the paper icon to go to your report.

Click on the zoom/ magnifying icon to open your report.

Take note that the report has 4 tabs that you are required to fill in. Click on the wording of each tab to open it. Remember to save the page/ tab before moving to the next tab. You can save your report and return to it later. It will remain editable until you submit it.

Tab One: Section 1: Project Progress

On this tab, you must update your activities and write a brief comment on the progress of your projects.
Click on the green pencil to update your activities.

Each activity line will appear below. You must fill in the actual start and end date of the activity, a brief description of the progress and choose an activity status from the drop-down. When you have filled the four fields click the save change button.
If you have more than one activity, go to the next one and click the green pencil to edit the next activity.

Tab Two: Section 2: Finance

Check your tax compliance information and if it has to be updated, please do so.

In the expenditure column, you must fill in the actual amounts spent to date. Do not put in Rand signs, spaces, or commas in this section.

IMPORTANT: This section must reflect actual expenditure to date, as it relates to the first tranche. Please ensure that the expenditure is verified by your finance uploads.

Do this for both the project budget and the people budget and click the save button.

Payments to date must be supported by one or all of the following: (please create reference numbers where possible so that the reconciling of budget items against uploads can be easily identified)
• Bank statement
• Proof of payments
• Invoices/receipts

These need to be uploaded on Tab 4: Uploads

Tab 3: Section 3: Annexure B

Fill in the details for each person employed on the project to date. Fill in all the section and then click ADD (at bottom right). Repeat this process for all people employed on the project.

Tab 4: Section Four Uploads

Please ensure that all mandatory * documents have been uploaded.

Click the validation button on the top right of your page. It will highlight any data that is still missing. Close the validation page to get back to your report.

If everything has been done, the system will prompt you to click the submit button. An email confirming your submission will be sent to you.

Final report

Once your interim report has been approved by the NAC you will receive an email indicating that your second report is now available. You access it in the same way you do the first report.
On your report summary page, you will see your submitted first report (Read-Only) and your open second report (In Progress). Click on the zoom icon (magnifying glass) to access the second report.

Annexure B of the Final Report will be pre-populated with all people already loaded in Annexure B from the Interim Report. You will also be able to add.

The Finance Report must reflect the costs that have not yet been reported on or are still to be incurred, that make up the remaining amount of your funding.

Please do not ‘copy and paste’ amounts from Expenditure Report 1 (interim) to the Remaining Expenditure (final) section. The remaining expenditure section is for you to show how you plan to allocate the remaining funds.

The costs that are reflected on your Expenditure Interim Report, together with the Remaining Expenditure should equal the total amount that you were granted.

Remember to save the page/ tab before moving to the next tab. You can save your report and return to it later. It will remain editable until you submit it.

Once the report is complete and validated, remember to click submit.


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