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What is the maximum amount that one can apply for to the NAC for project funding?

The maximum amount for project funding is R500 000.00 but it depends on the merit of the project and availability of the funds.

How often does the NAC open for funding applications in a year?

The NAC opens for funding at least twice a year. Please be in the lookout on our website for announcement dates.

When is the next closing date for funding applications?

The next closing date for applications is stated on the call for applications advert. For more information please emailĀ

Does a NAC bursary cover accommodation?

It may cover accommodation subject to budget availability. Priority is given to tuition fees. Students are advised to also look for other sources of funding. There are no limitations to finding other sources of funding for students.

Can students in private tertiary institutions apply directly to the NAC?

Students may apply directly to the NAC if they are doing post graduate courses.

How long does it take to process applications for funding at the NAC?

It takes a minimum of four months to process applications for project funding. The NAC deals with seven art disciplines in each funding session. Applications for local bursaries take at least two and a half months to be processed.

If a project does not receive funding, can the proposal be returned to the applicant?

The proposal will be returned to the applicant at their request.

Does the NAC fund students studying at the National School of Arts or any other Arts High Schools?

No, the NAC does not fund students at high school level.

What other form of support does the NAC give to artists, other than funding?

The NAC also offers support in the form of arts administration workshops where possible, in addition to advice and referrals. The arts administration workshops are meant to assist potential applicants in filling in the NAC forms, understanding compliance requirements, understanding the NAC funding criteria and preparing budgets and action plans.

Can an application for funding be made if an event runs throughout the year, with one event monthly?

Yes, the NAC can support one event or a programme that runs throughout the year.