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Ziyawamo Music Workshop 2021

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Ziyawamo Music Workshop 2021
May 28, 2021


In a world where many people from disadvantaged communities and backgrounds suffer and have no hope, it is always welcome to get some kind of ray of light. That is what Ziyawamo Arts & Culture’s mandate is: to improve the lives of the disadvantaged communities in South Africa through their arts and culture programmes.

Ziyawamo Arts & Culture is a non-profit organisation (NPO), which was formally established five years ago and registered in September 2016, but already the organisation has a bigger vision. Their vision is to: contribute to the long term of development of the City of Cape Town, particularly in the township’s economy and community sustainability through music, sport and culture.

“As an organisation, we are just passionate about Arts & Culture and bettering the lives of young people, especially the youth in any way we can, no matter how small,” says Mzura Khuse, the CEO of Ziyawamo Productions and Founder of Ziyawamo Arts & Culture


Thusong Arts Centre, Embekweni, Paarl

Contact Info

Register via ZiyawamoArts Registration line (WhatsApp only) 067 961 9211.

More info: Mzura – 073 140 2158


Ziyawamo Arts Centre Programme
Ziyawamo Music Workshop 2021