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Xhentsa Arts Education

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Xhentsa Arts Education
October 31, 2020


The project mainly focuses on visual literacy photography and exhibition .

The applicant will upload a video via WhatsApp for fifteen young participants to learn how images work, cropping the picture, capturing a picture, what is left out, and how pictures are censored. That is one goal in visual literacy for participants to understands the many different ways one can use and understand any kind of image.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic the training process of the project will be run on an online platform. The photographer will upload step by step videos instructions, queries from the students will be addressed via online question and answer. Individual issues experienced with technical operations will be tackled individually by the training team by supplying peer to peer advise using social media texting tools like WhatsApp.

Participants will be provided with disposable cameras to document their everyday life through images. Everyday photos will be sent via online using mobile data given to them. Once a week our editors will select photos to stream online as an exhibition compilation of videos which will then be added to Facebook watch party. Post the lock down photos will be displayed for an actual and physical exhibition in Theatres Since the project will focus on digital media the focus is to teach and enable the thought process of converting the world into forms of digital art.

The participants will be introduced to a variety of tasks that are involved in making of the digital art process and understand the different fields and responsibilities that go into digital art production.


Govan Mbeki Local Municipality


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Smanga Hlanekela –


Xhentsa Arts Education