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March 17, 2022


Joburg Theatre and Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe present “SoliiDaD”.

Dates: 17th – 20th March 2022.

A quest to an Emperor’s elegant path to oblivion, behold! the Birds taking flight, Lion prey, howling dogs in the distance, winds, and dust raises to a silent storm.

A slavish imitation of a great monk’s journey, conversing the narratives on the path to a roaring, hissing torrent of oblivion. Naked trees stripped by roaring sheets of hail, march on!!

A permanent attitude behind changing expressions in thought and action, precious veils being saturated with one foot forward to uncertain note. sentiment and sacred conscientious, behold the inevitable and unvarying oblivion.

March; breath; listen; see; speak to the patient waves of murmuring heat, sweat stinging eyes, stumbling foot forward, we never been to this path before, yet it seemed strangely familiar, SoliiDaD!!


Joburg Theatre, 163 Civic Blvd, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa

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Joburg Theatre and Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe