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Clues on the Sand

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Clues on the Sand
March 9, 2022


Northern Cape Theatre presents CLUES ON THE SAND, written and directed by Moagi Modise.

Dates: 09- 12th March 2022.

Admission: R100 (general), R60 (students), R35 (pensioners) and R70 (block booking).

“Clues of the Sand” is a story of an old San man (Bushman) of about 74yrs, Oom Andries, who has gone through many tragedies in his life, central of which was the loss of a son, a loss which he blames himself for. As a result, this has caused him to lose faith in himself and the ancient ways of his people. On the night of the San traditional healing dance, oom Andries takes us through a journey of his life experience, his dreams and memories, his pain.

This beautiful story is told through dance, poetry and storytelling.


Northern Cape Theatre, 3 Cullinan Cres, Civic Centre, Kimberley, 8300.

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Clues on the Sand