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Behind the Scene Skills – Awareness Programme

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Behind the Scene Skills – Awareness Programme
March 31, 2022


Production Guru, Lydia Moleele will facilitate the Behind the Scene Skills Awareness Programme on 31 March and 1 April 2022 at Bochum Village in Polokwane.

The object of the workshop is to raise awareness as well as impart rudimentary skills on production management in the arts, the creative and the entertainment industry.

The target group of participants should be aged between 18 and 25. And though not selective; for traceability, it is more suitable to work with young people that will be sourced from cultural and youth organizations.

In this Foundational Phase, Miss Moleele (Lydia) will focus on career technical and production imperatives as well as concentrate on interpersonal skills required by potential practitioners. Since the project seeks to unearth, nurture and subsequently guide promising participants, the actual skills sessions will be preceded by a two-hour evaluation period in wherein successful candidates will be determined.

It has been Lydia’s dream/passion to create a pool, produce and introduce and distribute rural talent to careers in stage management and related disciplines such as lighting, sound, set design, costume, power and audiovisual.


Mmata Guest House, 207 dilaeneng, Bochum, 0790

Contact Info

For more info, contact Lydia Moleele at 072 782 6600. or


Lydia Moleele
Behind the Scene Skills – Awareness Programme