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The NAC’s Partial Shutdown

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The NAC’s Partial Shutdown

Dear NAC Stakeholders,

In order to adhere to the global call for social distancing, please be informed that the NAC team will begin working remotely from tomorrow (24 March 2020) until further notice. This is not a complete shutdown for the NAC as employees will be coming to the office in shifts to ensure that payments are made, etc. The IT unit has put stringent measures into place to ensure that our work will not be affected whilst working remotely. Therefore, everything from the way we equip our staff, to the way we support you, is meant to work seamlessly regardless of where we’re sitting. As mentioned before, the big change will be that our face-to-face meetings, updates and contact sessions will now happen in the relative safety of cyberspace. Our team will work with you to ensure that we use a system you are comfortable with.

Should you require a meeting via Skype or other conferencing methods, please send an email to Your message will be forwarded to the relevant personnel. The online applications are still opened till 30 April 2020. Do not stop applying as there will not be an extension.

Take note, things are developing very quickly as well. For instance, Erykah Badu will be hosting a virtual concert, charging virtual attendees a fee of 1 dollar to stream and view. This means that she can host an event at a fraction of the cost, mitigate the risk of getting her team and fans infected. She will reach people across the world at a small cost but still make a lot of money. Imagine if a million people log in for her show, that’s 1 million dollars that she will make from the comfort of her own home. That said, please start thinking of innovative ways that will be beneficial to everyone.

As an organisation, we remain deeply committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, and as a stakeholder, we call on your understanding at this time. We remain vigilant and are diligently implementing preventive measures to decrease the potential risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

Yours sincerely,

Rosemary Mangope
Chief Executive Officer


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