Members of the Council

Ms Rosemary Mangope

Mangope’s blend of creative skills and business acumen tie in with her responsibilities as the CEO for the NAC. She holds a master’s degree in Social Sciences where her thesis focused on gender issues. Her professional career began at the North-West Province as a community development worker, and then founding executive director for the Mmabana Cultural Foundation in Mafikeng, North-West Province, a position she held for 15 years. During that time, she established five cultural centres in the province. The objective of these cultural centres was to provide facilities and platforms for stimulating imagination, creative thinking and innovation.

She later joined the Department of Arts and Culture as the chief director – Arts, Social Development and Youth (ASDY), and was responsible for creating and providing strategic direction for the ASDY Unit. Projects were implemented to increase awareness of the role arts and culture plays in addressing a variety of social challenges, leading to social development; furthermore, to lead strategic interventions focusing on social cohesion and social justice, moral regeneration and gender, with women, youth, children and people with disabilities being the main target groups. Emphasis was placed on the expansion of cultural industries as sources of sustainable income generation.

Prior to joining the NAC, Mangope was the divisional executive: Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs at the Development Bank of Southern Africa. She has transformed the NAC both in being technologically savvy, by introducing online applications for funding, and staying relevant to the forever changing sector by realigning to fund for impact by introducing the five new funding programmes.

Rosemary Mangope

Ms Rosemary Mangope