Assessment Criteria

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Assessment Criteria

NAC Assessment Criteria, Methodology and Covid-19 Compliance

This page outlines the criteria and methodology for application assessment by programme panel members. It also outlines the Covid-19 guidelines for projects in the current call for funding.

This methodology has been gleaned from best practice in the grant funding landscape and anticipates more coherent and specific feedback to applicants. All of the criteria are equally weighted.

5 – Excellent
4 – Very Good
3 – Good
2 – Fair
1 – Poor

QuadrantPoints Criteria PointsElaboration
Programme Impact15Interaction, innovation, diversity and artistic
5 out of 5-New innovative works on digital platforms,
-Showcasing of collaboration
-Adheres to 2 out 5 of the NAC values
applicable social distancing rules
- Re-imagines audiences for digital consumption
Ability to transform the sector5 out of 5-Transformation of the sector through NAC values
- Non-discrimination
- Equal opportunities
- Preference given to projects outside of privileged provinces and over-funded metros
Lasting impact (legacy)5 out of 5- Ability to enhance and strengthen capacity building
Transformation and Redress
- Showcases environmental awareness
- Multiplier effect,
- Sustainability of art programmes offered,
- Lasting effect
Profiling15Global recognition5 out of 5-Artists as social change makers,
-Recognition of artistic work/product produced, beyond own local boundaries,
- Potential for profiling the NAC through the funded artistic work
- Strengthen marketing of NAC by campaign to engender trust and improve public perception
Increased access to market5 out of 5- Audience reach
- Consumption and enjoyment of art works through
digital platforms
Ability to change the view of arts (advocacy)5 out of 5- Audience reach
-Recognise art's power of social and health advocacy
- Appreciation and enjooyment of the arts
- Showcase value of the arts
Partnerships15Capacity for partnerships5 out of 5- Sourcing local and other partnerships
- Ability to source other funding, in-kind support for arts works
Capacity to pay it forward5 out of 5- Ability to enhance and strengthen capacity building
- Skills transfers possibility
- Educational value and possibilities
Community Support5 out of 5 - Projects (and artists) are part of community fabric
- Project designed to include a broader audience as part of community life
- Community involvement in planning through consultation or through previous activities
Processes15Organisational management5 out of 5- Track record
- Technical skills to manage the projec
Budget and finance management5 out of 5- Demonstrate ability to work and implement budgets
- Sound and feasible budget
Feasibility and ability to comply5 out of 5- Demonstrate ability to comply with NAC contract provisions, reporting and reporting periods.
- All documents compliant