Music and Opera


  • Individuals who are specialists such as conductors, composers, music tutors, soloists
  • Groups such as ensembles (vocal and instrumentals, maximum 25 people), bands
  • Institutions such as orchestras (joint orchestras and choirs, semi‐professional and professional)
  • Organizations /companies that support community based education projects
  • Touring in South Africa and abroad
  • Community outreach projects

Types of projects

  • Performances
  • Music compositions
  • Music tuition
  • Research and documentation of special initiatives
  • Exchange programmes
  • Conferences/Music Indabas (to be led by institutions or organisations)
  • Workshops (submit names and CV’s of facilitators, list of participants and detailed content of the workshop).
  • Touring productions (this is applicable only when a substantial amount of funding has been raised from other sources)
  • Arranging and documentation of other persons’ works (this may be considered when permission has been obtained from owners)
  • Festivals (these will be considered only if they have a community participation component)

Budgetary items

The following budgetary items may be considered

  • Artists’ fees (rehearsal, performance, production crew and choreographers)
  • Venue hire
  • Instrument hire
  • Publicity and marketing costs
  • Traveling costs
  • Accommodation for touring productions
  • Accounting and auditing fees
  • Other project related costs

Time Frame

  • The maximum period for which funding may be requested is twelve months


  • Individual bursaries of a limited amount are offered toward a post‐graduate qualification in South Africa and abroad (only in exceptional circumstances)
  • Institutions are advised to apply directly to the NAC on behalf of undergraduate students.

Categories not funded

  • Purchasing of equipment/ acquisition of musical instruments
  • CD ,DVD & video production
  • Studio time
  • Personal commissions and commissions by other institutions
  • Competitions
  • Music arrangement of other persons’ work
Music and Opera

Arts Development Officer

Ms Lindi Ngcobo


Contact No: +27 (0)11 838 1383

Please Note

Applications for funding for each of the above mentioned programmes should conform to the following art disciplines which the National Arts Council supports according to its mandate namely, Craft, Dance/Choreography, Literature and Publishing, Music, Theatre/Drama, Multi-discipline and Visual Arts. The maximum period for which funding may be requested is twelve (12) months.