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NAC introduces new programmes

The National Arts Council finds itself at a critical juncture in reinventing itself to remain relevant in an ever-changing art, culture and heritage sector. The NAC has remained committed to supporting the objectives of the Department of Arts and Culture.

In maintaining this support and addressing some of the challenges previously experienced, the entity has continued with its strategic realignment.

Strategy realignment has showcased the importance of recognising the breadth of the arts sector and has forced the organisation to think around the extended value chain in the sector.

Following the strategic realignment process, the NAC has introduced new goals which speak to country imperatives and the needs of the sector. Furthermore, the NAC has moved away from a discipline-based approach to funding and introduced a programmatic approach which will see funding allocation to beneficiaries located within specified programmes instead of individual disciplines.

Moving forward, calls for funding will focus on programmes namely, Social Cohesion and Nation Building, Innovation, Design and Creation, Arts Platforms/Showcases/Exhibitions/Festivals, Strategic Initiatives and Capacity Building.

Click here to read more about the new programme and to download the enhanced NAC strategy.

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