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Governance changes at NAC - Minister of Arts & Culture appoints new Council

In the recent number of months the NAC has undergone major changes at governance level which have culminated in the appointment of a new Council by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa. This follows an open and rigorous selection process. Mr Hartley Ngoato, has been appointed the Chairperson for the next four years.

The new council has hit the ground running and all efforts are aimed at the optimal guidance of the NAC in fulfilling its mandate which includes inter alia:

  • To provide, and encourage the provision of, opportunities for persons to practice the arts
  • To promote the appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the arts
  • To promote the general application of the arts in the community
  • To foster the expression of a national identity and consciousness by means of the arts
  • To uphold and promote the right of any person to freedom in the practice of the arts
  • To give the historically disadvantaged such additional help and resources as are required to give them greater access to the arts
  • To address historical imbalances in the provision of infrastructure for the promotion of the arts
  • To promote and facilitate national and international liaison between individuals and institutions in respect of the arts
  • To develop and promote the arts and to encourage excellence in regard to these.

As such the National Arts Council wishes to inform all project funding and international bursaries applicants for the period 2017/18, that outcomes of applications will not be announced on the 15th of April as initially communicated.

The National Arts Council understands the importance of announcement of these outcomes. The National Arts Council will aim to announce the outcomes for project funding and international bursaries by latest 30 June 2017. We wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused

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