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Fallen musician icons

It is with deep sadness that we inform you about the passing of Mr George Stevens and the iconic singer Ms Aretha Franklin.

Mr Stevens who was the acting director of the Opera School in the University of Cape Town, passed in the early hours of Saturday morning, 11 August 2018, following surgery.

Amongst other milestones his outstanding was that he was honored with the prestigious Kurt-Hübner Prize for the most convincing singer and actor with extraordinary stage presence in Bremen.

Those who worked with him described Mr Stevens as a brilliant singer, actor and an amazing teacher who really cared for those he worked with.

Ms Franklin leaves the music industry with her famous well known Respect song which reached worldwide amazing attention. Actors and fans have been paying heartfelt tributes to the iconic singer after her passing was announced yesterday (Thursday).

We at the National Arts Council send our deepest condolences to Mr Stevens and the iconic singer’s family and friends.

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