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Call for Applications: Thupelo Prince Albert workshop

Thupelo workshops are artists led and were initiated in response to a need for interaction between artists. This workshop will include up to 20 artists from around the world; all with experience in their various practices and able to experiment, exchange knowledge and expand their ideas. This workshop will also aim to engage the citizens of Prince Albert.


Invite Applications
to participate in the Thupelo Prince Albert workshop for 20 Artists
11 to 24 September 2014

Prince Albert

PArt 2014: Bringing Art Back Home

The second Prince Albert art festival is scheduled for 18-24 September. This year we plan to takemore art out of the gallery into public spaces where local people gather. There we will welcome visitors and showcase our creativity.

We believe that an art festival generates cultural exchange. Artists and audiences can relate across social barriers.

In 2012, the works (more than 1000) of over 100 artists went on show at 17 venues in Prince Albert. Visitors and our local community supported exhibitions, workshops, talks and films about art -

PArt2014 will enhance local exposure to art, provide a unique outlet for artists to show their works and contribute to our small-town economy. More than just a group of curated shows, the festival committee is dedicated to fostering collaboration. PArt14 will encourage experiment: we have invited artists to work in Prince Albert’s public spaces - to share both their thinking and art-making with us, a Karoo community.

“Home” for us is a rural town with high levels of unemployment and limited prospects for young people. And twenty years into our democracy, few have the confidence to engage socially, or to participate as citizens of a new South Africa.

We aim to switch people onto art - we can introduce new skills and ways of solving problems. We can change mindsets and nurture an understanding of creative thinking and the value of art in communities like our own.

Once every two years we have the opportunity to invite everyone in - to the places where art is made and viewed.Artists journey ‘home’ to an understanding of their place in the family, in the community, in the world.

We live in a remote town but we are linked to and we share all the diverse challenges of a bigger centre: the municipality is administering the district; young people are learning in schools; and artwork is on show seven days a week in a number of galleries...

We don’t believe that art is the privilege of city people, or the elite moneyed class, so during PArt2014 we invite artists and visitors to join us in Prince Albert.



The following costs will be covered by Thupelo: Accommodation, Transport to and from Prince Albert (from Cape Town), Catering and some Art Materials.

To apply to be a participant please send:

  • a brief biography,
  • a copy of your ID (or passport)
  • 3 to 5 images of your work
  • a letter of motivation


or post to Zipho Dayile, P O Box 250, Woodstock, 7915, Cape Town, South Africa

Deadline for Applications is Tuesday 15 July 2014

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