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ACT and the NAC roll out master classes

The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT), in partnership with the National Arts Council (NAC), invite arts practitioners and administrators based in Northern Cape, North West and Limpopo to participate in their 2016 arts administration master classes.

The classes, which will be presented through ACT’s Building Blocks Programme, will increase the capacity and sustainability of South African arts and culture organisations, and individual creative practitioners. As such ACT, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, has developed the following four master classes:

  • Marketing in the Arts
  • Leadership in the Arts
  • Governing Boards for Arts Organisations
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Arts Projects

‘The National Arts Council’s mission focuses on leveraging partnerships and resources, and to develop, support, promote and advance the arts. The arts administration master classes solidify how the NAC in partnership with ACT aim to foster mentorship and coaching and create opportunities for the transfer of knowledge as well as building and enhancing capacity and expertise in the arts. This is critical as it not not only enables the arts but also improves the quality of artistic expression in our country’ said Rosemary Mangope, CEO of the NAC.

One of the above-mentioned master classes will be implemented in Northern Cape, North West and Limpopo during March and April 2016. Individuals and organisations interested in participating should apply here, and be sure to select the class they think will have the most positive impact on their artistic careers and/or their organisations. The class that receives the most votes will be implemented in each of the three regions.

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