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Project Funding Requirements

  • Applicants should have South African citizenship and should be 18 years and above. Applicants should have a legal status as adults. There will not be funding for ad hoc groups.
  • The NAC is unlikely to fund the entire budget of the project. Applicants are advised to raise other funding.
  • Funding generally granted for mainly the artistic program and applicants must declare all sources of funding.
  • Quotations must accompany applications.
  • Maximum span of the project should be twelve months or less. And projects are funded once in a financial year.
  • Applications for project funding must be made on official NAC forms.
  • Individuals and organization that are invited to participate in overseas events should have some form of support form the host country and organizations. The host should send proof of costs to be covered in a foreign country, namely, accommodation, subsistence, meals and transport within the country. The NAC is likely to fund transportation to and from the airport and airfares. The NAC will not be a sole funder of the tour.
  • Incomplete, late, faxed and e-mailed applications will not be considered.
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The NAC is unlikely to fund the entire budget of the project. Quotations should be provided with the application form. You are also advised to refer to NAC’s general information guideline.