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Individuals, community groups, institutions and companies are eligible for funding in the above-mentioned art disciplines. All groups and institutions should be formally registered.

  • Arts projects that are considered should
  • Deal with unique artistic wealth of the nation
  • Address the unique artistic wealth of a particular province and may propose benefits outside of its host province
  • Seek to address national priorities
  • Seek to achieve artistic merit and excellence.
  • Assist in the process of fostering South African identity
  • Promote the rights of any person to freedom of expression in the practice of the arts

Types of projects considered by the NAC

Creation of new work, namely, scriptwriting for theatre productions; choreography; performances; exhibitions; paintings; creative writing; workshops that leads to performances and or demonstration of new skills acquired; music tuition; music compositions; touring in South Africa and abroad; residency programmes; research and documentation and festivals.

Categories not funded by the NAC

Costs such as running costs of organizations, seed funding, recording, music instruments, purchasing of equipment, infrastructure and capital costs.

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Please note

The NAC is unlikely to fund the entire budget of the project. Quotations should be provided with the application form. You are also advised to refer to NAC’s general information guideline.