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Call for applications for funding 2015: Arts Projects and International Bursaries

The National Arts Council hereby invites individuals and registered arts organisations in the disciplines of theatre, dance, music, visual arts, craft, literature and multi-discipline to submit their applications for project funding.

Closing date: 11 December 2015
Outcomes date: 29 April 2016

Applications are invited for projects of national significance that are involved in the creation of new works, arts development, arts promotion, job creation and that facilitate access to the arts and markets. Furthermore, arts applications that promote environmental sustainability, have a strong community base and have been conceived in collaboration with others working in similar fields will be preferable.

Post-graduate students wishing to pursue arts studies abroad in the fields of Craft, Dance, Literature, Multi-discipline, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts are also invited to apply. Students willing to access NAC funding should be prepared to return to and work in South Africa to support the development of the arts in the country.

Conditions for acceptance of applications:

  • All relevant sections of the application form must be filled in completely;
  • All requested documentation must be submitted with the application form;
  • Applications must be submitted on or before 11 December 2015.

This invitation is also open to arts organisations and individuals that support the involvement of women, youth and people living with disabilities.

Please note that late and incomplete applications will not be considered at all and no exceptions will be made. Application forms and funding guidelines are available from the National Arts Council office or can be downloaded below.

Please ensure you have Adobe Reader installed before viewing the files below. Download it here.

For more information, contact the Arts Development Officers at the NAC office.


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